At Sandalwood Stables our team of experienced local guides and our resident horse whisperer will get you saddled up and out for adventure. Whether you are an experienced rider, or looking to ride for the first time, our guides will make all the arrangements for you to enjoy our sweet natured Sumbanese horses. Learners can be hand-led to ensure a pleasurable experience. Beach to bush rides, riding lessons and horse whispering sessions are available. Please be aware that there is a general weight limit of 85kg.


1-hour beginners riding confidence lesson

Whether a first timer or it’s been a while and wanting to brush up before venturing out on the trail, within the security of NIHIWATU®’s riding arena and under the guidance of our highly experienced instructor, you will gain greater riding enjoyment through building your confidence and ability.

Sumba Sunset

beach ride

As the sun sets, this is one of the most memorable ways to enjoy the changing beach hues. All levels of experience are catered for: from a gentle stroll safely led by one of our local Sumbanese horseman to an exhilarating cantering through the rolling ocean shallows. Sunrise rides can also be arranged.

Bush to beach


Ride up village back trails passing rice fields, fresh water steams, rain forest valleys and traditional village homes. The scenery from the hill tops to the ocean vistas is stunning. Take an opportunity to rest and sip on a fresh cut coconut before continuing on back down to the beach for some play in the waves at the end of this one and a half hour ride.

Horse Whispering


Whether you are a horse lover or not, the connective experience with your inner self through natural equine interaction is truly life expanding. With over 30 years of experience with horses and 10 years personal development mentoring, NIHIWATU®’s own horse whispering mentor Carol will guide you in your own private sessions of meaningful bonding experiences with horses and the natural world.

Whether you desire positive experiences for personal development, improving leadership skills, or overcome fears, she will provide a fun and safe space to explore the possibilities of nonverbal communication and collaborative leadership dynamics for humans and horses. The benefits are boundless. Enhance your relationships in your personal and professional lives. Regain enthusiasm, purpose and passion. Discover a deepen trust with horses and explore your own power. Check for availability at time of booking.



The ultimate “on the edge of wildness” experience – get a tow in the water with a horse powered adrenalin rush. Ride a wakeboard or body board and feel the thrill as you skim over the shallows towed by one of our sturdy Sumba horses. A truly unique fun filled experience.

Horseback ride

to Nihi Oka

Enjoy a scenic ride from NIHIWATU® to our sister site Nihi Oka as you pass by local huts and school children on their way to and from class before entering into the Nihi Oka valley. Riders will enjoy a bush-cooked breakfast on an open fire in the tree house overlooking the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean. When you are finishing taking in the sights, let us pick you up in one of our open-air safari vehicles and bring you back to the resort.

NIHIWATU is a registered trademark of PT Indonesia Adventure Sports in Indonesia.