The remote waters around NIHIWATU® are some of the last accessible untouched waters of Asia and possibly the world. The marine ecosystem is thriving and good fish stocks and responsible management of the fishery on our shores ensure the longevity of the surrounding waters.

Fishing our offshore FADs ,where a multitude of species are present year round, offers the chance to land marlin, wahoo, sail fish, yellowfin and big eye tuna, mahi mahi, monster rainbow runner, sharks and triple tail.

World class spearfishing on the West Coast of Sumba targets species such as wahoo, Spanish mackerel, dogtooth and yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, rainbow runner, green jobfish, and an array of jacks and snappers for those who want to test themselves with stalking and spearing their dinner while holding their breath. We offer both reef and blue-water spearfishing experiences.

Through selective hunting and sustainable spearfishing, we are able to ensure the well being of our marine ecosystem. We target both ocean going and reef species, but have a strict policy of avoiding any species that are under environmental pressure or that are not desirable for eating.

All spearfishing is done without the use of Scuba tanks, utilising a single breath hold to spear your dinner. Safety is a top priority, with a properly trained waterman always providing direct supervision.

We require all first time spearfishing enthusiasts to take our 1 hour spearfishing lesson, in order to learn about safety, equipment, and technique.

We offer top of the range equipment so there’s no need to drag your gear across the world with you!

NIHIWATU is a registered trademark of PT Indonesia Adventure Sports in Indonesia.