NIHIWATU® is driven to share our wealth of experiences within the local Sumbanese community and welcomes ‘Gurus’ (teachers) to the resort. Each Guru is selected based on their outstanding commitment to their own chosen career or hobby and to bring a diverse range of cross-cultural and cross-educational exchange to the resort.

Whether you are a photographer, a kite-surfer, a raw food chef, a trauma surgeon, a wellness or boot camp instructor, a structural Engineer or an organic farmer, NIHIWATU® is the perfect intimate setting to discover and renew your sense of adventure through teaching to as well as learning from this awe-inspiring and unique culture.

Full room and board is offered in our dedicated Guru Village and each Guru is invited to stay between one week to 2 months, depending on the area of expertise, to share their passion and enhance the experience for our guests and staff.

Should you be keen to apply for such a programme, please send us an email at and we shall endeavour our very best to have you join the NIHIWATU® family for this life-changing and life-enhancing experience.

Augusto Vegas – Survival Apnea

Augusto Vegas is a freediving specialist as well as experienced surfers and spearfisherman. He has traveled and worked in waters all over the world developing his skills and passion for teaching others how to enjoy the ocean environment. In past couple of years his focus has been to build his own freediving program Survival Apnea which welcomes anyone from the novice snorkeler to the experienced big wave charger to test, learn and progress their skills and comfort under water.

For those who wish to explore the dynamic waters off the coast of Nihiwatu, our visiting freediving specialist Augusto Vegas will assist and educate even the most novice diver. The Indian Ocean is an environment of spectacular sea life that can be enjoyed with basic underwater skill and comfort. Augusto has worked in waters all over the world developing his passion for teaching and building his own freediving program, Survival Apnea, which welcomes anyone from the beginner snorkeler to the experienced big wave charger. There are a variet of ways to test, learn and progress your free diving skills

Sean Borland

Sean Borland is a Scottish Magician, TV presenter, consultant and body language expert.

Since June 2015 he has been the resident magician at Nihiwatu, the worlds No1 resort, on the beautiful island of Sumba. Performing for VIP guests at private parties, events and weddings. He also offers guests the opportunity to have one on one consultations on body language, public speaking and memory improvement techniques. (please note that Sean is not at the resort permanently as he also performs in Bali and abroad).

He has performed all over the world for executives of Coca-Cola, Tullet Prebon, UNICEF, Volkswagen, the Macquarie group and countless others. A highlight of his career so far was performing for celebrities at the official launch night of Madame Tussauds™ in Sydney, Australia.

He spent three years living in the Cambodian jungle while working at the Hariharalaya retreat centre for conscious living. He taught thousands of people courses on meditation and ran over 150 workshops on Body Language and Communication skills. He was a speaker at the 2016 edition of TEDx Ubud and has previously lectured at the prestigious hospitality school “Ecole Paul Dubrule” in Cambodia.

During the summer of 2016 he will be filming his first TV show in Singapore for MediaCorp, to be launched later in the year. This will be followed by a 5 week tour of the U.S where he will be performing for private clients in N.Y.C and the Hamptons, representing Nihiwatu at the Virtuoso travel exhibition in Las Vegas and filming a new promotional video in Los Angeles.

Sean’s magic combines his love of psychology, sleight of hand, hypnosis and humour to create a trully unique experience that spectators will remember for the rest of their lives. He is deeply grateful to be living his dream and creating magic all around the world.

Sean Borland is a Scottish magician based in Siem Reap Cambodia. He performs internationally for corporate clients. He also teaches workshops on Body Language and communication at the Hariharalaya Retreat Center.

Mary Tilson

Mary’s passion for yoga has taken her from her home studios in Chicago to world-renowned yoga centers in Southeast Asia and India. She has lead over 40 retreats as the head yoga teacher at Hariharalaya Yoga & Meditation Center in Cambodia and has assisted multiple 200-hr Training Courses at The Sanctuary in Thailand. Her passion for service also inspired a project in India, where she taught yoga for children in village learning centers and helped develop a cultural exchange program for travelers.

Mary is an active member of the online yoga community. She was selected as the Travel Representative for Yoga Trade, a worldwide network connecting yoga teachers with opportunities around the globe, and contributes to numerous trusted travel and wellness sites.

At NIHIWATU®, Mary offers a range of yoga, meditation and fitness classes. She is a firm believer that there is a practice out there for everyone and encourages you to simply come as you are.

Jason Childs


Jason Childs is world famous photographer with a long association and history with NIHIWATU®, from both a personal and professional perspective. He has created many nostalgic and memorable images at NIHIWATU® and Sumba. He was the chief photographer for the book-Sumba, produced for and by the Sumba Foundation and his images are featured throughout the resort. His images transport you to another place and time to experience the fascinating culture, dramatic scenery and surf of NIHIWATU® and Sumba.

Jason is considered to be one of the most respected and prolific photographers currently in surfing. Since 1985, his highly regarded surf photography has been seen worldwide in every major surf magazine including Surfer Magazine USA, where he is currently a staff photographer and constantly working with the best in the world: Kelly Slater, Jon Jon Florence, Mick Fanning, Rob Machado, Dane Reynolds and Dave Rastovitch to name but a few.

He continues to be excited and motivated to capture the definitive and artistic moment or mood of anyone enjoying a wave, no matter their skill level or the craft they ride. Whether it be shooting from in the water swimming, a boat or on land, Jason will tailor his photography to your needs and skill level.

He offers a unique tailor made photographic experience. Available to document all water sports, family portraits, adventure travel imagery and lifestyle during your stay in Sumba.

Jason Childs Photography

Advanced bookings are essential. His services and rates are available on request.

Danielle and George Boutros – Nihiwatu guest. “Jason Childs is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is he an amazing surf photographer, but he was able to discreetly capture priceless moments of our family throughout our trip. Jason has an innate and natural ability to blend in with the group whether it be family, friends, a couple or heading out into the surf solo. Jason is always ready to get the perfect photo. His amazing energy and passion for life, nature, culture and just plain fun, is infectious. Our entire family feels that we have not only had the rare opportunity to meet and work with an internationally renowned photographer, but have made a friendship that will last a lifetime. Jason is simply the best!

Terry Simms – World class surfer/guide/coach. “Shooting with this caliber of photographer does not come often. I have surfed all my life and only a few times have I been able to get in front of a person of his talent and diversity and energy. You can’t surf waves like this forever and your family/children change before your very eyes. Please consider this rare opportunity, before time steals this away!

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